Reflections and Control

How arrogant do I have to be to feel like the only way for me to progress right now is to become a mother? I am a deeply flawed human being and have no shortage of things to improve on. I have so, so many weaknesses. There are so many ways to occupy my time that will allow me to grow and progress and develop as an individual. And that's what I'm trying to do.


Whole30: Over halfway!

Today is Day 19 in my Whole30 and I'm on the downhill slope. Last weekend was the hardest, hands down. I just hit a mental wall. This Whole30 thing had been going on FOREVER and I still had another eternity to go and I was just OVER IT. I was ready to be done. Dean … Continue reading Whole30: Over halfway!

What ‘The Bachelorette’ can teach about writing minor characters.

Defensive Disclaimer: I know, I know.... I-suggested-to-my-husband-that-we-watch-it-as-a-joke-and-now-we-are-both-kinda-hooked-don't-judge. Trying to navigate this whole early adulthood thing with new careers and attempts at professionalism and finding the line between "I'm deeply introverted so no people please"/"but we have to interact people or we will be social pariahs" is stressful and exhausting. Sprinkle in the desire for posterity … Continue reading What ‘The Bachelorette’ can teach about writing minor characters.